Athletic Training center

Our athletic development programs focus on meeting the goals of each athlete. We accomplish this by utilizing the comprehensive screening to evaluate the valuable information regarding athlete weak areas which aids us in developing a customized athletes sports conditioning program that is progressed to meet the athlete’s specific goals. Each athlete is different and requires special attention, so it is important for them and their sports conditioning coaches to understand the areas that need to be strengthened or developed based on the sports they play. Injury prevention is another very important focus area at the ATC and we try to educate our players on these aspects. The main purpose behind this to rule out the root cause of an athlete’s weak areas and designing a program to fix those weak links in the body to enhance their performance and reduce the risk of injuries.

Strength conditioning and performance enhancement sessions at Athletic Training Center generally consists of One and a half hour sessions. The first half of the session involves myofascial release or soft tissue work to reduce the stiffness in the tight muscles and other soft structures, movement preparation, neural activation, dynamic warm up, corrective exercises, biomechanical drills to correct movement efficiency and patterns. Second half of the session involves floor exercises, athletic weight training on machines, plyometric, functional strength training and other activities to help each athlete achieve their goals.