Our core team led by Director Coaching Aditya Sachdeva has over 100 plus certified and trained coaches who are dedicated to the game of tennis. They constantly strive to help players maximize their potential, identify talented youngster and guide them to train and progress in a systematic manner. Many former International Players who are a part of our coaching set up share their invaluable experience and Knowledge with the new generation of players and help them to make the transition from Junior’s to senior level.   

Our Academy not only believes in training the players but also in training the coaches. We organize coach’s education workshops on a regular basis to constantly upgrade the quality of the coaches and bring them up to date with the modern coaching techniques.

Our High Performance team of coaches are all RPT certified.

RPT (Registro Profesional De Tenis, Spanish Coaching System)

The success of Spanish Tennis in this decade is unparalleled and it is on this success that the teaching methods and systems of the RPT are based. Spain has not just produced a world-class player “every so often” but consistently over the years and this can only be done if there is a solid coaching programme throughout the country and a system that allows these coaches to develop their own players.