Our state of the art Tennis Centers provide players with a unique tennis experience that includes tactical, technical lessons, hitting with former players, match practice and specialized fitness training to ensure your game reaches the next level.
Our pros who train with us all year round and in between their tournaments are a part of this program.
Some names who train with us full time are: Yuki Bhambri, Karman Kaur, Divij Sharan, Prerna Bhambri, Alex Solanki, BR Nekshep and many more.

Details of the Annual Program:

  • 3 hours Tennis (Group Session)
  • 1 hour Individual Lesson with top coaches
  • 1 hour Fitness Session
  • 1 hour Gym / Sth Conditioning


Lot of our players studying in American Universities or residing outside Delhi, NCR are part of our monthly programs, where they train during summer and winter breaks to work on various aspects of their game.

The players choosing this program have the option of customizing their number of playing hours and can seek individual attention from our coaching experts.

The program runs from Tuesday to Sunday, 6 days a week at our High Performance Centre.

  • Match Play : Sets and Matches on Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Tactical : 2 hours Group Sessions with usually 4 players and a coach (4 days)
  • Strength Conditioning : Our Superior trainers work 1 on 1 with Athletes at the Athletic Training Centre (3 days)
  • Fitness and Ground Sessions : Agility, Endurance, Speed training (3 days)
  • Technical : 1 hour Individual Sessions (Drills) with a coach.